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Indivisible Earth: Consequence of Earth's Early Formation as a Jupiter-Like Gas Giant
by J. Marvin Herndon and Edited by Lynn Margulis

In this book I describe a new indivisible geoscience paradigm that begins with and is the consequence of our planet’s early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant and which permits deduction of: (1) Earth’s internal composition and highly-reduced oxidation state; (2) Core formation without whole-planet melting; (3) Powerful new internal energy sources, protoplanetary energy of compression and georeactor nuclear fission energy; (4) Mechanism for heat emplacement at the base of the crust; (5) Georeactor geomagnetic field generation, and; (6) Decompression-driven geodynamics that accounts for the myriad of observations attributed to plate tectonics without requiring physically-impossible mantle convection. How then does this development stand within the logical framework and context of previous ideas?

In the Origin of Continents and Oceans, Alfred Wegener, the father of “continental drift theory”, the forerunner of “plate tectonics”, stated: “The determination and proof of relative continental displacements, as shown by the previous chapters, have proceeded purely empirically, that is, by means of the totality of geodetic, geophysical, geological, biological and paleoclimatic data, but without making any assumptions about the origin of these processes. This is the inductive method, one which the natural sciences are forced to employ in the vast majority of cases. The formulation of the laws of falling bodies and of the planetary orbits was first determined purely inductively, by observation; only then did Newton appear and show how to derive these laws deductively from the one formula of universal gravitation. This is the normal scientific procedure, repeated time and again. The Newton of drift theory has not yet appeared.”

During the entire period of development of plate tectonics, the planetesimal theory dominated scientific thinking, the idea that planets form from dust grains that collided and stuck together, becoming progressively larger bodies, and finally planets. In that framework, geoscience progressed inductively, just as Wegener described. But there was confusion; the pieces did not seem to fit or work together. And, there was no logical and causally related understanding, for example, as to why about 41% of Earth’s surface consists of continental rock, while the balance is ocean-floor basalt. Neither proponents of “continental drift” nor “plate tectonics” ever anticipated Earth’s early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant. But I did; consequently, I am able to deduce internal Earth’s composition, energy sources, and the nature of Earth’s structure and her behavior, which I share in this book.

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