Evidence of Covert, Globally Pervasive, Geoengineering

At some time in the future, one might expect criminal investigations to force revelation of documents authorizing the covert spraying of toxic substances into the air billions of people breathe, ostensively for the purpose of manipulating Earth's natural processes. Meanwhile, the following unordered list of documents provides a basis to understand to some degree the coordinated activities involved.

1. The U. S. Air Force deceiving the public, claiming that there is no such thing as a chemtrail (click here)

2. Peer-reviewed and published Scientific/Medical/Public Health articles on covert particulate aerosol spraying (click here)

2.1 Concerted efforts to retract peer-reviewed and published public health articles warning of health risks (click here), (click here)

3. Failure of city officials to respond to public health warnings (click here)

4. A few of the numerous protest websites worldwide (click here)

5. Public deception in the scientific literature (click here)

6. Partial list of references to books and documents (click here)

7. Canadian 2002 observations of particulate aerosol spraying (click here)

8. Canadian Parliament petition 2013 (click here)

9. European Parliament petition 2013 (click here)

9.1 Acceptance of European Parliament petition 2014 (click here)

9.2 Answer from European Commission to European Parliament concerning Skyguard's petition 2016 (click here)

9.3 Appeal to European Parliament petition closure 2016 (click here)

10. Report to European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health... 1999 (click here)

11. Background of the HAARP Project by Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH 1999  (click here)

12. USAF Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, Published 1996 (pdf)

13. AIP Climate Modification Schemes (pdf) AIP

14. Cyprus Mail - Minister Pledges Probe into Chemtrails (pdf) Cyprus Mail

14.1 Greek Ethnos reports scientists uneasy (pdf) Greek Ethnos

15. Baldwin: How the US military launched its first geoengineering experiments on a planetary scale 60 years ago (pdf)

16. Baldwin: Secrecy and Geoengineering as a Weapon of War (pdf)

17. Baldwin: Origins of the ‘Climate Change’ Threat to National Security– and the Geoengineering Response (pdf)

18. Baldwin: Disinformation, and the Origins of the Ggeoengineering-Resistance Movement (pdf)

18.1 Baldwin: All Vermont Independent articles through December 2018 (pdf)

19. Fleming: Essay 2007 "The Climate Engineers" (pdf)

20. Online source of geoengineering-scheme documents (click here) (pdf-20181125)

21. Weather Modification 1978 U.S. Senate Report "Weather Modification ..." (click here)

22. U.S. Nat. Acads. 1992 Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming (click here)

23. U.S. Nat. Acads. 2015 Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth (click here)

23.1 U.S. Nat. Acads. 2015  Appendix C: Planned Weather Modification (click here)

24. NASA 1996 Report: A Recomended National Program in Weather Modification (pdf) (click here)

25. The Emerging Industry of Cloud Seeding (pdf)

26. Aurora Flight Center 2011 Geoengineering Cost Analysis (pdf)

27. U.S. Nat. Acads. 2014 Report on Ionosphere Heaters (click here)

28. C.E.I. Government for Rent (pdf)

29. W.M.O. Discloses 42 countries engaged in weather modification in 2013 (click here) (pdf)

30. ENMOD Treaty – UN prohibition on environmental modification for hostility (click here)